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August 28, 2009

It is that time of year again…the time when thoughts of swimming pools, vacations, and thousand dollar electric bills turn to something a bit more important; football. And even more specifically; Fantasy Football. So, as we enter the 2009 season with the idea that all of us will try and keep one of us from 3-peating, let us remember that this fantasy is more of a reality, theoretically speaking.

And so the season gets kicked off with a party where we all convene to assemble our teams and sharpen our shit talking skills for the season at hand. The party was fun but I’m not sure it could compare to the scene technoviking Brett Favre made in downtown Minneapolis after signing with Minnesota.

According to the ESPN Draft Analyzer, the rankings for fantasy draft in our league were as follows (1 being the strongest and 10 being the weakest):

1. Timid Puppies

2. BassTurdz

3. Team Mexico

4. Sweetness

5. Spine Snappers

6. Earmuffs

7. Canucks

8. The Greens

9. Bloodbath & Beyond

10. Easy Riders


Not that that is going to have much bearing on how the season turns out, just though it was interesting bit of info.

Basking in our post draft glow haze, it was determined by a majority that the person who finishes last this season will have to bring a case of beer to the draft next year, which will be held at my house.

Season is starting Thursday 9/10 and the schedule is already up. Looking forward to it, boys!