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September 30, 2009


In a Week that was historic to the city of Detroit, the Lions pulled off a win to break their ridiculously long losing streak against a pretty ridiculously bad team, the Washington Redskins. In fantasy news, there is officially parity in our league. One team remains undefeated and that just so happens to be the team that welcomed a new addition to the family over the weekend. Congratulations to The Greens owner, Bill Holleman. He, his wife Amanda and son Hollis welcomed their newest addition, Franklin Holleman, to the world on Friday. Blood Bath & Beyond already gave him a gift by starting some injured players. Wasn’t that sweet?

THE GREENS (3-0) V. BLOODBATH & BEYOND (0-3) – Well, I mentioned it just a sentence ago, but starting injured players is a surefire way to lose in fantasy football, and so it was the case for BB&B. But in his defense, it really would not have made much of a difference. Rough start for the Bloodbath, but it’s a long season. Adrian Peterson came down to earth against the 49ers, who are playing a pretty tough brand of football right now. The Greens did just enough to win and they remain undefeated. Should be a pretty good game against Sweetness in week 4.

SWEETNESS (2-1) V. BASSTURDZ (1-2) – With their backs against the wall, the Bassturdz stepped up with a pretty solid effort to know off  Sweetness. Just goes to show you that when you get double digit production from most of your guys, you have a much better chance at winning. Donald Driver is emerging as Aaron Rodgers favorite target in Green Bay. In Sweetness country, TO pulled off a bagel, showing up with ZERO catches, but Pierre Thomas looked good running the ball in New Orleans.

SPINE SNAPPERS (2-1) V. EASY RIDERS (2-1) – What can you say other than that was one solid performance by the ER. About as good as it gets for one week scoring on that team. Willie Parker caught his first TD pass since high school and Julius Jones has had several good games in a row. Vincent Jackson is the star WR in San Diego, that is for sure. Spine Snappers had the exact opposite day, not much to be happy about. Every guy had an off day and some coaching moves cost the SS.

TEAM MEXICO (2-1) V. TIMID PUPPIES (1-2) – Pretty tight one here in Puppy Stadium but in the end, it’s having your stud #1 players lay eggs that kills you (see Roddy White & Frank Gore). But someone has to win each week and this week it was Team Mexico. After getting next to nothing from Steve Smith on Monday night, the win was preserved for TM because Fragile Fred Taylor officially passed his namesake torch onto the new “Fragile”; that’s Fragile Felix Jones for you folks reading out there. Gore is out for several weeks, do you need some Coffee, Team Mexico? Ask Sweetness….ouch.

CANUCKS (2-1) V. EAR MUFFS (0-3) – Well the question that should be asked here is, “Are the Canucks THAT good or are the Ear Muffs THAT bad?” Looks like the Canucks had a pretty damn good week, topping all scorers and the Ear Muffs just can’t get anything going. Canucks got 82 out of Manning and MJD, so that’s tough to stop. For the Muffs, this again goes back to having your #1 studs not doing jack shit (see Matt Forte). TJ Houshmanwhycanticatchaball is having a terrible season thus far.

NOTE: This week is the beginning of the BYE weeks, so make sure and set your lineups accordingly.





September 23, 2009

Week two came and went really quickly, just like the Cowboys chances of beating the Giants on Sunday night. Terrance Newman may be the only player to have been the most overrated player in college AND the pros. Anyway, however you started, two losses, two wins, or one of each, it’s a long season. But it should be said for the 0-2 teams, 0-3 is not a place you want to be. But that’s just me and my highly refined ability to state the obvious.

GREENS (2-0) V. BASSTURDZ (0-2) That’s two weeks in a row that the Greens have scored 142 points and had they gone with Steve Smith, it could have gotten uglier for the Turdz. Chad Ochocinco is actually playing football some when he’s not tweeting Sean Merriman looking for a fight. Child please. The Bassturdz are not getting much production from anyone thus far. Steve Slaton has been a real disappointment through two games and Brandon Marshall insists he has no idea why he’s not getting much PT.

SPINE SNAPPERS (2-0) V. EARMUFFS (0-2) When your two premier RBs combine for 12 points, you’re in trouble for the week. But for the Earmuffs, Cedric Benson is starting to come alive. As of right now, Crabtree is taking up very valuable real estate on a rather thin bench. Spine Snappers have injury woes with LT. And having not locked up Sproles, they will need to rely on others to carry the load as long as LT is out. Guys like Andre Johnson and Dallas Clark.

SWEETNESS (2-0) V. CANUCKS (1-1) It’s just not like the Canucks to start a guy that is not going to play, but that is what happened on Sunday. Just becasue you went to Tech doesn’t mean you have to start Welker every week, brother. Ronnie Brown was the saving grace for Sweetness on a wild and wacky night in Miami, as Peyton Manning almost delivered the points needed to win. Brees is still slaughtering defenses and this time they were good.

TEAM MEXICO (1-1) V. EASY RIDERS (1-1) Easy Riders won in week 1 and Team Mexico lost in week 1…good time for a battle. As it turned out, Frank Gore decided he was going to break out of his cage and Tom Brady decided to curl up in his shell. Gore was running so hard that he twisted his ankle, but should be fine in week 3.  Other than Vincent Jackson, there were no highlights for the Easy Riders.

TIMID PUPPIES (1-1) V. BLOODBATH & BEYOND (0-2) Both teams itching for a win in week two and only one would emerge victorious. In this case it happened to be the team that managed to leave the LEAST amount of points on their bench. BB&B’s bench outscored his starters, namely because he left Chris Johnson (47 points) and Eli Manning (37 points) seated. Romo was pretty average in an important game, I sense a trend. And helloooooo, Greg Jennings, whatever you did to Aaron Rodgers to “throw off his timing” with you, make it better. Zero catches is inexcusable.



September 17, 2009

Week one in the books and it’s safe to say that nothing catastrophic happened as it did in week one of last season, which saw Touchdown Tom Brady go down with a torn knee. BUT, lest ye not forget, Mr. McNabb was injured. Not sure how badly, but this could be an issue.

GREENS V. EAR MUFFS – And with the number one pick in the draft, the green select Forty Points a Game Peterson. Now it is abundantly clear why the man was the best selection. The Greens have declared themselves “back” after last year’s 2-10 campaign. Ear Muffs…lot of single digits on the scoreboard, but one week does not a season make.

SPINE SNAPPERS V TEAM MEXICO – Team Mexico was the first team to pop off at the draft when the Spine Snappers took Reggie Wayne in the 3rd round. Nice week one. Spine Snappers may be handcuffed though, LT looked rather ordinary in Oakland Monday night. McNabb is a question mark in week two for TM.

CANUCKS V. BLOODBATH & BEYOND – Last years Super Bowl champs started this season with a bang and looks to be a contender again. Depth may be an issue on this team, but it’s a long season. BB&B looks solid enough, a little thin at WR. They ran up against a hotter opponent.

SWEETNESS V. TIMID PUPPIES – When Drew Brees fell into his lap with the 9th pick, you could almost see him exploding with excitement. Well, rightfully so in week one, as Mr. Brees torched the lame Lions for six TDs. Don’t expect that every week, but it’s a great start. Timid Puppies have Michael Turner then there is huge drop off in RB talent. Percy Harvin may have been the steal of the draft in the eleventh round.

EASY RIDERS V. BASSTURDZ – Going back to his glory days of 2007, the Easy Riders doubled up clam chowder style and went for Brady and Moss. Ebony and Ivory combined for 52 points and Tom Brady and his magic sweater pulled off an improbable comeback on Monday night. The Bassturdz left some points on the bench but who knew the Seattle TE would go off like that.