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December 22, 2009

And the day has finally come. We have two teams remaining to play for all the marbzzz. Team Mexico, the red hot 6th seed matching up with the gridiron eating Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe. I had a chance to get out and see what these guys were up to over the weekend and posted some photos above–be sure and click on them. As you can see, both were in full celebration mode as the results of Monday Night Football had no bearing on the outcome and subsequent advancement into the Super Bowl.







If both these teams can keep up their scoring output from the past five weeks, then this should be quite an entertaining Super Bowl. Team Mexico’s RBs have more favorable match ups with Gore facing Detroit and Jackson facing the Cardinals. Not that the Cardinals are bad on D, but Johnson against SD and Jamal Charles against Cincy poses a less favorable matchup. 

SODWB has a better match up at QB with Romo facing a pathetic Redskins D. You have to hope the Skins show up to play otherwise he will not be throwing much. McNabb against the Broncos is a tough match up, but everything is on the line for the Iggles, so they will be balling.

As for the WRs, Team Mexico will need DeSean Jackson to continue his dominance against a pretty sticky Denver D and SODWB will look to Sidney Rice to work over the Bears D. I’m not sold on either TE, it’s a hit or miss source of points although both are capable of double digits and have done so this year.

The two flex guys, Thomas Jones and Ricky Williams kind of cancel each other out, but Ricky gets the advantage facing Houston. Don’t have much confidence in either D today as SODWB’s defense almost cost him last week and the Vikings D was bad for Team Mexico. Hard to switch to the D that will be facing your two best players, but what are you going to do?

Kickers are whores that get paid to do one thing. When they don’t do it, they get a foot in their ass. Appropriately, the two kickers will be squaring off against each other in the same game…Bironas v. Kaeding. One will get a foot in his ass.

So there you have it, time to get it on. I’ll say Team Mexico squeaks this one out 124-119.

In other news…Sweetness and Easy Riders play off for third place. Merry Christmas mofos!




December 16, 2009

All but one guy is celebrating this...


And then there were four. After the first week of the playoff produced two relatively lopsided games, the streaking teams, Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe and Team Mexico, look to get to the big game against the one and two seed Sweetness and Easy Riders. Both teams that played for the Super Bowl in 2008, Canucks and Spine Snappers, were eliminated in Week one of the playoffs this year. 

#1 Seed Sweetness v. #6 Seed Team Mexico 

After hitting on all cylinders in week one of the playoffs in a convincing thrashing of the Spine Snappers, Team Mexico has eyes squarely planted on the prize–and I’m not talking about the beluga Steelers fans who is about a wing basket shy of four hundo. Every player but one went for double digits, lots of momentum going into this game. The bye week proved to be very valuable for Sweetness as rest will hopefully lead to a high point output against a surging brown wave. It’s going to take big efforts from late season acquisitions, Vernon Davis and Cedric Benson, as well the consistent performances from all-season studs Drew Brees and Ray Rice, to beat the Mean Bean Machine. I’m no Jimmy the Greek, but this one is a TOUGH game to pick. I give Sweetness a tiny edge in this one simply because of Brees. 

#2 Seed Easy Riders v. #4 Seed Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe

After easily dispatching last year’s Super Bowl winners, the Canucks, in week one of the playoff, Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe finds himself in a familiar position. And I’m not talking about hog huntin’ at the local Hooter’s as the picture above may indicate. Here’s the news, SODWB has players that have exploded in the second half of the season…Jamal Charles, Chris Johnson and Ricky Williams to name a few. These guys show no signs of slowing down, but the NFL is a hard league to win in. Easy Riders success is predicated on the Moss Brady hookup, this is no secret. Fortunately for him, the Patriots need to keep balling in order to make the playoffs. It’s got to be played on the field, but if I’m handicapping, I give an edge to SODWB.



December 3, 2009


Twelve weeks down, one to go and the mathematics are starting to play into the meaningfulness of the games at hand. But in Week 12, there was one thing that was for sure, the Saints whipped the Patriots ass…hard. Our league is all of a sudden very cramped at the top and it looks to be a nail biting weekend upcoming. Let’s recap 12 and move on!

SPINE SNAPPERS (8-4) V EASY RIDERS (7-5) – After suffering a massive beat down at the hands of the Riders in Week 3, the Spine Snappers entered this game with payback on their mind. Holding onto a 60-point lead going into MNF would seem to be a win in hand for the Snappers. But the two players ER had going were Brady and Moss, it would not be surprising to see them get those points…if they weren’t playing against the SAINTS! Snappers got good production from everyone except the two you would imagine would be the most consistent, Wayne and Andre Johnson. Easy Riders remain dangerous.

SWEETNESS (8-4) V BASSTURDZ (5-7) – In another inter-league brother matchup, Sweetness also looked for payback from Week 3’s beat down by the Turdz. And the result was the same, although this time it was Sweetness who needed the big night from his QB for the win, and he got it. Brees went absolutely nuts on a night where he didn’t really throw that many passes–371 yards on 18 of 23 passing with five touchdowns and no interceptions, including one to Sweetness’ RB, Pierre Thomas. The Bassturdz had a tough stretch in the end and were not lacking for points, but were a little unlucky in the match up department.

TEAM MEXICO (7-5) V TIMID PUPPIES (5-7) – What more can you say about the Timid Puppies that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan? The team looks bombed out and depleted. They have been through the wringer and squeaked out a win, but in the end, it may not be enough. Getting the right guys on the field on an inconsistent basis cost them big time this year. Team Mexico looked for some fast action on Sunday night and inserted Mason into the lineup. This almost cost him a win, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he has started Colston.

SOMEWHERE OVER D-WAYNE BOWE (7-5) V THE GREENS (4-8) – For the Green, the season started off just like the owner’s favorite movie: Fast and Furious. But the emergence of Brett Favre in Minnesota as a top passer really diminished the Vikings need for a RB who could carry the load in Adrian Peterson. This is where the slide started. On the other hand SODWB is a god damn red hot team, peeling off six wins in a row to go over .500. To be quite honest, this was an average game for Somewhere considering he left an additional 27 points on the bench in Rony Tomo.

CANUCKS (6-6) V EAR MUFFS (3-9) – Ear Muffs are a team that the cards didn’t add up for so well in 2009. Not a bad team, but never got much luck or production out of the players this season. The Canucks were on a personal record setting slide for the franchise but found a way to right the ship against the EM. Biggest game since week 4 for Antonio Gates, in what has been a difficult team to forecast in SD. Canucks will need to work very hard to get back to the promised land in 2009.