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September 21, 2010

“What’s my motherf-in’ name?”

Apologies for not getting the recap up for week 1, I was in a week long seminar entitled, “Making the Mortgage Market More Complicated; The Deal Killer Series”.  Anyway, let’s get this party bus rolling for week 2. One thing we do know, Andre Johnson is a great football player that pushes DBs around like Cuban beeotches in Coral Gables.  Just look at the poor bastard laying on the ground in the background. One thing we also know, Jason Garrett is a reeeeeaaaallly complicated, super complex, extra smart guy who loves puzzles and riddles. Riddle me this, why is Roy Williams on the field and why hasn’t Felix Jones gotten more than 18 touches in two games? Oh well, on to the more important issues that make up the fantasy football world.

The Dodger (2-0) v The Greens (1-1) – Coming off a week one victory, The Dodger was brimming with confidence as he faced his favorite rival, The Greens. This goes back to childhood. So the fingernails were being gnawed in Casa de Dodger when it appeared that Reggie Wayne would be his last hope for a victory in week two. Good thing the Colts like throwing ball up big in the 4th quarter, but it is what it is; steady Reggie Wayne. The Greens will need to up their point totals to be competitive, they squeaked out a win in week one scoring less than 100 points, but generally speaking this is a weekly benchmark for winning. Jamal Charles is now a self-proclaimed backup and Snelling went nuts in place of Turner.

Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe (2-0) v Team Mexico (0-2) – In a rematch of the 2009 Super Bowl, Team Mexico looked to exact revenge for the thrashing SODWB inflicted on him in the final. BRRRRRRTTTT, wet fart, sorry Flacco, four INTs doesn’t get it done. There is QB quandary south of the border because Favre looks terrible and Flacco better improve. SODWB didn’t exactly light the world on fire in week two, but got the win nonetheless. Please send Drew Brees a thank you card.

Spine Snappers (1-1) v Canucks (1-1) – Typically a hotly contested match up, these two teams locked horns again on the same weekend their rivals locked horns on the field in Lubbock. Spine Snappers coming off an invisible and very forgettable week one and the Canucks brimming with confidence after a come from behind win on opening day. Then Matt Schaub went nuts. Considering River Phillips put up 42 points and Schaub tacked on 20 more than that and you know you have the makings of a scoring fest. Rookie Jahvid Best should add an “a” to his last name because he has certainly gotten the hang of the NFL, kid is a baller. 195 points s good enough to be the 2nd most points scored in a game behind Mel Kiper’s Hair’s 209 in 2006.

Ear Muffs (1-1) v Easy Riders (1-1) – This one was a tough one to forecast as Ear Muffs had a real weak first game, scoring less than 60 and Easy Riders had a great game, going over 150. What a difference a week makes. Where Rodgers and McCoy accounted for 33 points in week one, they doubled that in week 2; numbers the Ear Muffs were expecting when they were drafted. Meanwhile Peyton did his job but Housh did not and threw up a goose egg, something you cannot afford to have in the starting lineup in FF. Forte looks nice but I see potential RB problems for the ER in the future.

Timid Puppies (1-1) v Bassturdz (0-2) – This one was a very tight battle of two teams looking to get their first wins in 2010. Week one saw the Timid Puppies get their nose rubbed in poop on a comeback from the Canucks and the Bassturdz stud receiver Andre Johnson was the victim of a QB who didn’t throw the ball as Foster went bananas. Both teams put up enough points to beat 7 of the 10 teams in week two, but unfortunately for Bassturdz, 0-2 is how you start. For Timid, Jay Cutler looks like a different player this year, we will see how long it lasts but he looks good. For Bassturdz, the team is solid, although you’d like for Brees to target Colston a little more often, he spreads it around a ton.


So there you have it, week 2 in a nutshell. Back to work boyz.