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October 26, 2010

So we are officially through Week 7 and at the halfway point. Some teams are in a good position, others not so much. There’s a lot to this here fantasy football game and luck IS a part of it. Everyone can’t be lucky at the same time, although some can be lucky most of the time. If you’re in the lower half of the standings, it’s officially nut cutting time. Must win ball games from here on out. The guys at the top will be trying to hold onto their spots and those in the middle want to stay right there.

 Battle for the top six, second half edition! Avoid the freefall!


THE DODGER (5-2) V EARMUFFS (2-5) – Don’t know whether another case of Miller Lite was on the line when these two squared up to battle on Sunday, but it was a close one. Earmuffs did everything they could to try and reach 100 points with single digit outputs from 7 of 9 active roster sports, but it just didn’t happen. Aaron Rodgers continues to be the captain of this ship, but if Earmuffs doesn’t turn it around soon, they’ll be arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Dodger’s name seems to be pretty appropriate this year, he has been dodging bullets all year long. This one was leaving 81 points on the bench in a close game. Crisis averted.

THE GREENS (5-2) V EASY RIDERS (2-5) – The Greens have been plodding along all season just staying in games and emerging victorious more often than not. Take a look at not only the active roster, but the bench in week 7, another 115 points seated. That is production. Looks like Carson Palmer will be the signal caller for the Greens for a few weeks though, this could be dangerous. Meanwhile, out on the Lido deck, the Easy Riders are doing just that, taking it easy. After dropping 3 of his 5 TEs to fill some holes, he went back to sipping coladas on his honeymoon. Congrats. Anyone hear the one about the cruise ship magician and the parrot?

SPINE SNAPPERS (4-3) V SOMEWHERE OVER D-WAYNE BOWE (4-3) – When this games started, the Snappers looked up at the scoreboard to see that the first quarter had almost elapsed and replacement QB Matt Cassel had not completed one pass. Is that some sort of NFL record being held by Ryan Leaf? Simultaneously, SODWB decided that maybe pouring an ice cold Bud Light over his own head would wake him up to find that Drew Brees had NOT thrown two pick sixes to a defensive tackle. Brees went on to rack up some good numbers along with the rest of his team, but the Snappers had other plans. Roddy White was in charge and went for 200+ yards receiving with a couple scores. Lots of critical bye weeks upcoming for the Snaps, we’ll see.

BASSTURDZ (4-3) V CANUCKS (4-3) – In yet another battle for the middle of the pack, the Bassturdz took the field minus their best player, Andre Johnson, who was resting on a bye. Marques Colston and TO stepped up admirably and Matt Ryan lit up the field with a season high 299 passing yards as well. It will be interesting to see how the Turdz handle a bit of adversity this week as Ryan is on a bye and Alex Smith is in a hospital. Canucks ownership is not happy with Ray Rice thus far and would have preferred to see Thomas Jones make an impact from the field instead of the bench. QB does not seem to be a problem on this squad.

TEAM MEXICO (3-4) V TIMID PUPPIES (2-5) – This was one of the most intriguing games of the week as both teams came out firing. Both teams also made costly coaching errors, which could ultimately only backfire on one team. Unfortunately for the Pups, keeping Kenny Britt benched for disciplinary reasons didn’t work out so well. As the clock wound down on Brett Favre and the Vikings, Adrian Peterson caught a screen pass and took it for 45 yards, which ultimately cost the Pups the game and got Team Mexico a much needed win. As for Team Mexico, this game of QB Russian Roulette is going to put a bullet in this team before long.




October 14, 2010

I can tell you why Brett Favre’s elbow is sore.

We’re right back it and what do you know, the commi$h actually wrote two consecutive recaps. So heading into week 5, we hadn’t had too many games that resulted in a loss for a team due to coaching errors. This particular week highlighted the point that coaching does matter in FF. Spine Snappers, Bassturdz, Team Mexico and Earmuffs all left major points on the bench and they weren’t stretches to be in the lineup. Oh well, so the game goes. And on a side note, I’m not overly optimistic, but I sure hope those Longhorns go into Lincoln and rub T-Majic’s face in the turf more than once. Otherwise, this one could get ugly.

The Dodger (4-1) v Bassturdz (2-3) — You know you’re living right or lucky, when you can start an untested rookie at QB, have him shit the bed, start the wrong Dallas RB (the one who does not break 20 yds rushing), lose your TE in the first half and still come out on top. Well the Dodger is 4-1 and now Brady is back. Finley’s injury is tough to speculate on, could be back sooner than later, but who knows. Bassturdz were riding the hot hand of TO, but he wound up on the bench. A bagel from Timmy Hightower only adds insult to injury. Lots of 2-3 teams out there.

The Greens (4-1) v Team Mexico (1-4) — The Greens are having a bittersweet season in 2010. As a person, he is a huge Cowboy fan, and we all know how that’s going. As an owner, he has Tony Romo, who is forced to throw the ball 40+ times a game by this little guy on the sidelines, and we all know how well that’s going. In the same minute he’s cheering Romo for throwing for over 300 yards, he’s frogging himself in the thigh as Mike Jenkins gets yet another interference call. Team Mexico finally got rid of his dial up internet (goodbye thumbnails, hello streaming video) but almost cost himself the game by not checking the positional lineup. Again, Kyle Orton is having a monster year.

Canucks (3-2) v Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe (3-2) — After storming out of the gates with three straight wins, defending champion, SODWB has really tapped the brakes over the last couple of weeks. It doesn’t help when you don’t have any help on the bench due to bye weeks and injuries, but there’s not a lot of production coming out of that camp right now. Canucks got damn near ALL their scoring from 3 players in week three. Nice work if you can get it. Arian Foster had his first pedestrian game, wonder how that bodes for the rest of the season now that the G-men exposed Houston’s defense.

Timid Puppies (2-3) v Earmuffs (2-3) — The Pups had to play this one exactly right in week 5 and they did. When is the last time you picked up a  QB off the waiver wire and got 32 points out of him, NEVER. The other factor in play was whether Earmuffs would play the right lineup, which they did not. This is a good team with good players, but they chips are not falling his direction. But then again, there are a lot of 2-3 teams right now, so things could change.

Easy riders (2-3) v Spine Snappers (2-3) — The ultimate coaching kills scenario. It was known that Michael Bush would get the majority of the carries against SD, but the Snappers decided to stick with the lineup they had and not work Bush into the game. Ultimately, a deal killer for yet another 2-3 team. For the Easy Riders, it was all about the gunslinger and Mr. Harvin. After a lackluster 1st half, they opened it up and took the Snappers out of the picture. Having Mrs. Moss back in Minnesota is going to make Harvin’s life much easier.



October 5, 2010


Kyle Orton celebrating his ranking as a top 3 Fantasy QB. 

Back in the saddle after a week with no recap, I apologize for the irregularity [insert punch line here]. There are several truths we know to be self evident in NFL football. The players hit hard, see Oakland’s Gradkowski. Peyton Manning passes the ball  a lot and Jay Cutler does not care about anything other than himself and his after party at Joe’s in downtown Chicago. In fantasy, the lines are not so clear. For instance, the number one overall pick, Chris Johnson, could go for 53 yards on the ground with a fumble while the loveable loser pick, Arian Foster sits out the first half and still goes for 131 rushing with a 74 yd TD sprint. Go figure…go fucking figure.  

Somewhere Over D-Wayne Bowe (3-1) v Bassturdz (2-2) The last remaining undefeated team SODWB matched up against the surging Bassturdz in week 4. Couple things about these two owners, they both enjoy bagels for breakfast and starting guys that are scratched from the line up. So they had an 8 v 8 game. SODWB had an13 point lead going into MNF, but the Patriots D decided that was their night to crank it up a notch and scored 3 defensive touchdowns. No more undefeated teams in 2010.  

The Dodger (3-1) v Timid Puppies (1-3) One the items mentioned in the opening soliloquy was something about Jay Cutler not giving a shit. Well, after you have been sacked 9 times in the first half , would you give a shit? No. Hit the showers, -3 points for the QB.  Then DeSean Jackson and Steve Smith combined for….wait for it…2 points. Long week ahead for the TP. The premier RB for The Dodger finally woke up as MJD went over 100 and a couple TDs and the Jags are surprisingly 2-2.  Santonio Holmes returns in Week 5, so a good WR corps just got better.  

The Greens (3-1) v Earmuffs (2-2) the Greens are 3-1 and feeling like they’re on a roller coaster. Glad to have won 3 of the last four but feeling weird that the core of the team did not perform in Week 4. Doesn’t really matter a win is a win in the end. Michael Turner has been a real disappointment so far. As for Earmuffs, LT had a monster games, but zeros from THREE of your players is obviously not a good thing. Erratic scoring outputs for the Earmuffs to say the least.  

Spine Snappers (2-2) v Team Mexico (1-3) The old adage about getting to 100 seems to hold true in our league come hell or high water. Spine Snappers had what would be categorized as an invisible day, not a single player stood out and Maclin did nothing, but collectively, 100 was scored. It didn’t hurt that Adrian Peterson was on the bench for the beans. The QB rotation and coaching cost Team Mexico a .500 record. Ricky Williams looked pretty good, but mini-Welker (Woodhead) took all the catches and TDs away from the real Welker.  

Canucks (2-2) v Easy Riders (1-3) After blasting out of the gates in week 1 pants pulled up and ball cap down, the Easy Riders have hit a skid mark. It wasn’t an overall bad day for the ERs but it was a great day for Arian Foster, who plays for the Canucks. The guy sat out the entire first half then busted a 74 yard TD run and finished with over 100 rushing.  This is looking like the RB pick of the year.  ERs will bust out of the funk soon, they have Peyton Manning after all.