Adds new meaning to the term, “going under center”, IMO.

Week two is in the books and the rash of injuries is in full swing. By far the most devastating single injury has to be Jamal Charles. The Chiefs are toast now and will be positioning themselves for Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft. How much of this has to do with the lack of training camp and OTSs etc, who knows, but it certainly seems to be contagious among players on both sides of the ball. Hold your breath, we have a long season ahead of us.

SPINE SNAPPERS (2-0) V THE DODGER (1-1) – You look at the score line and notice one thing immediately; this game was essentially eight on eight because both TEs put up bagels, so there’s that.  Brady continues to sizzle as he went over 400 yds and threw three TDs. Rodgers was good to, just not that good. Chris Johnson is looking very pedestrian at this point and his time off certainly seems evident. Young Jahvid Best and the Lions have some things working for the first time in a long time. In the end, 100 points is usually the benchmark for getting a W, but in week 2, half the teams went over 130.

EASY RIDERS (2-0) V CHINCH BUGS (1-1) – Only one of the Easy Riders put up single digits and that was Ced Benson. Adrian Peterson is looking as dominant as ever, even thought the Vikings suck and are the worst team in their division. Fitz went off and the rest of the guys were solid. QB will be an issue here as it’s hard to determine who to start. Chinch Bugs showed you that they are solid by putting up 118 and only three players were in double digits. Look out. Although having two Colts may become an albatross, even if Joe Addai did go to LSU.

CANUCKS (1-1) V TEAM MEXICO (1-1) – After a nasty loss in week one, the Canucks were out for revenge and who better to take it out on than Team Mexico. Looked to be a very close matchup until Gates threw up a bagel and Maclin rode the pine. Grossman outscored Flacco? Oh brother. For the Canucks, starting the goal line back two weeks in a row did not cost him the game and Ben Tate looked pretty solid for the Texas, even if he was on the bench. Tampa is overrated but Blount is a solid back.

THE GREENS (1-1) V  TIMID PUPPIES (0-2) – Oh the Timid Puppies, two weeks in and has not cracked the 100 point barrier yet. Arian Foster has done nothing to help but you can’t have a #1 WR go for ZERO the way Mike Williams did on Sunday. Not that he would have had much choice, his entire bench is running backs. The big surprise of the day for anyone who owns Brandon Lloyd was his exclusion from the lineup. Nobody saw that coming, not even their GM, John Elway. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. Fred Jackson and the Bills look good, and Brady just hooked the Gronk up with a new pair of Uggs, so he has that going for him.

 FLABSLAB (1-1) V BASSTURDZ (0-2) – After correcting his historical reference, FLOAT Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Bee owner Matthew Crowley was surprised to realize that his team acronym was FLABSLAB; and so it shall be. Miles Austin had the game of his life against SF and Romo really gutted that one out. Austin out until week 5. Those two gave FLABSLAB 75 points alone. Almost always going to be good enough to win. The Bassturdz need to find some production, under 100 points in the first two weeks and nothing on the bench either. Waiver wire is a little more active this week going into Week 3 is my guess.

Crank it up, week three is here!



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