It’sh very important to study your matchupshh

And the hits just keep on coming. Especially for The Greens. First Jamal Charles in week two now Kenny Britt in Week 3. These can be debilitating to a squad. In other news, the Lions and Bills are both 3-0…Cowboys had better block Suh . Lions have the Bengals, could be 4-0 for both. As the league goes, you could say we have parity. No undefeated teams and only one winless team. This same winless team started 0-3 last year and made it to the Super Bowl. Anyway, week 3 in the books, boyz.

SPINE SNAPPERS (2-1) V TIMID PUPPIES (1-2) – After using the 9th overall pick on hold out RB, Chris Johnson, the Spine Snappers were quite optimistic one the gold-toothed one signed a mega contract. But thus far, the only certainties here are that CJ2K is out of shape and not making the most of his opportunities. Still a long way to go. Even with a combined total of 4 points out of three players, the Timid Puppies strung together a productive game to get their first win of the season. This will be one of Schaub’s better weeks and it looks like Smith finally realized he had Vernon Davis as a TE.

CANUCKS (2-1) V BASSTURDZ (0-3) – One thing is certain in these days of RB by committee, when someone is the man, they don’t split a lot of carries. That can be said for one Darren McFadden. This guy is a beast and playing like a first round back; good pick in Round 2.  I will say this thought, I think Michael Vick is a pussy. Quit crying about the refs not giving you the call, talk to your OC about better pass protection. Turdz got a HUGE game out of Wes Welker as he torched the Bills secondary for 217 receiving yards in a losing effort. The outlook is better for the Turdz as they went over 100 points and made a move midweek.

TEAM MEXICO (2-1) V EASY RIDERS (2-1) – Even thought he started an inactive Antonio Gates, Team Mexico still got plenty of scoring from the rest of the players, starting with the Flacc who took flight for 52 points. Knock Knock…who’s there? BenJarvus Green-Ellis. BenJarvus Green-Ellis who? I don’t know, where did he get that name? Off week for the Easy Riders, Peterson is dong all he can to be a super stud playing for a dogshit team. The Jets need to run Greene more, but LT is hogging the ball. I like the Kolb to Fitz connection, that needs to continue.

THE GREENS (2-1) V FLABSLAB (1-2) – What did I say about the Gronk in the week 2 recap? Huh? That’s what I thought, and 109 yards and 2 TDs later, you got 27 points out of the TE. Fred Jackson is a legit RB with moves and well Brees is Brees, he’s a stud. As for Cameron Newton, he has been very good to this point, I think the weather made it very difficult for him or any QB for that matter to be productive in Week 3. Jermichael Finley, wow, 3 TDs, that’s huge. And rookie WR Julio Jones stepped out of the shadows for a nice game.

 THE DODGER (2-1) V CHINCH BUGS (1-2) – It’s hard to imagine starting Ryan Fitzpatrick against NE over River Phillips against KC so the call was seemingly easy. Well it also cost Chinch Bugs the game because Fitzy went off. Meh, what are you gonna do? Another solid performance from LeSean, he seems to be the only Eagle who is playing a physical brand of ball. DeSean Jackson and the rest of them are playing like soft little bitches. Dodger is just whistling in the corner glad he got a win, Megatron is a sensational WR and of course the opposing team’s secondary it’s all Mr. Rodgers neighborhood.

Bring on Week 4,



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