Nothing wrong with a litte ground and pound.

There are several quite interesting stories unfolding in the NFL now that four weeks have been played. Injuries are out of control, that has a lot to do with the lock out. The SF 49ers are 3-1 and probably the worst 3-1 team in football. The Eagles are a bunch of pussies and sit at 1-3 but have a better chance of making the playoffs than the niners IMO. The Colts REALLY suck without Manning and are, yes you guessed it, winless.  That snuggles them up in the same bed with Minnesota and St. Louis, who farted?

SPINE SNAPPERS (3-1) V EASY RIDERS (2-2) —  This game was pretty close all the way through Sunday’s action and appeared to hinge on the Sunday night game as Easy Riders had the Jets D and Plaxico. At one point, the two teams were separated by a single point, but defenses almost always go backwards, and they did. Plax didn’t have it in him. If Peterson is going to carry the Vikings, they need to bench McNabb right now and start Ponder, nothing left to lose. Beanie Wells…questionable up until kickoff, 138 yds on the ground and 3 TDs, thanks bud.

CANUCKS (3-1) V FLABSLAB (1-3) – I guess you could say that Cameron Newton is a legit candidate for offensive rookie of the year. The guy is balling and actually throws a good pass in the NFL. Another rookie, Julio Jones had a pretty solid outing. Canucks were too much for the FLAB though, Jimmy Graham had a monster game at TE and LeGarrette Blount capped off the weeks action with 127yds and an old school 35 yd run off tackle for a score on MNF. Did you hear the one about Hank Williams Jr., the Rabbi and Obama? Never mind.

THE DODGER (3-1) V TIMID PUPPIES (1-3) – Well, look, if you’re going to lose a game in fantasy football would you rather be in it and lose at the last second or just get your ass reamed out and move on? Once Matt Forte went for 205, you knew it was going to be a long day for the Pups. Starting Arian Foster would have been a good move, but wouldn’t have mattered. And Rodgers, Jesus Christ, what a fucking game for the Cal Bear. Doesn’t get much better when two players outscore the opposing team in FF. Andre Johnson injury could be a problem though.

THE GREENS (3-1) V TEAM MEXICO (2-2) – When neither of your QBs breaks 10, you gotta get up off the bathroom floor, put the pill bottle  back in the cabinet and grab another beer; you’re team is going to lose. Team Mexico got some production out of his two starting RBs but that was about it. The WR position may be an issue for The Greens in the future, but right now they are hitting the bubbler on all cylinders. I think Fred Jackson is one of the best backs in the league right now, let’s see how this continues to trend.

BASSTURDZ (1-3) V CHINCH BUGS (1-3) – Well lookie here, the Bassturdz made a move and got themselves a QB. And their first win. That wasn’t even his best game, but it added a little more stability to a shaky roster. Welker’s a stud, flat out, he keeps making plays. And the Redskins D? Seven thacks, jeezzthuth. Chinch Bugs got caught in a classic case of QB Monty, this is where you start the guy you benched last week based on his previous weeks performance, then the guy you bench goes off…and you lose. And you thought the Redskins D was tough, hello Baltimore, god damn.

Let’s pop a cap on this week, and here’s to a burnt orange sunset. Fuck OU.



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