“Carson, I say we go with the mustard pic instead of the mayo.”

All right, all right, I’m sorry about not getting a Recap up for Week 5. Let’s get right into some meat on the league. The NFL trade deadline has passed, but we are able to make trades in our league until 11/29/2011. So, fire ’em up if you’ve got them. Let’s get to the week 6 action.

CANUCKS (5-1) V THE DODGER (4-2) – Arguably two of the best teams in the league squared up in week six and the game did not disappoint. Both teams were very very even in production save for super TE Jimmy Graham, who is having a really nice season. Each team had a solid  game and it even appeared that the Dodger may have enough in the tank to pull off the win, but Santonio Holmes came up short…and Calvin Johnson didn’t score, that’s weird. Looks like Earnest Graham will do fine filling in for Blount. Both teams will win plenty more games.

THE GREENS (5-1) V EASY RIDERS (2-4) – The Greens are off to a pretty solid start and it all begins with Brees, who has not had a single game with less than 30 fantasy points. That will always put you in a good position. And wow, Ahmad Bradshaw, really? It’s no surprise that I am mentioning Fred Jackson AGAIN in a recap, this guys seems to get better every week. The Easy Riders had an OK game, but it took a 24 point effort from the DST to even sniff 100, which is not a good stat. The glaring weakness on this team is QB. I’m unsure about Peyton’s return, but he sure is hard to cut when the Colts won’t place him in IR.

TEAM MEXICO (4-2) V CHICNH BUGS (1-5) – The season for the Chinch Bugs is really going more like a bad infestation of bed bugs, it’s just gets more and more irritating. The pieces are in place for a run, but it’s the little things that wear you down in fantasy, like your stud RB not hitting 100 yds. Team Mexico is patch working his way in to the top 5 and getting Ws…see Ryan Torrain and Roddy White. One’s a scrub and the other was drafted as a number 1 WR. They combined for 4 points. Meanwhile, you get 13 from your kicker and you’re happy.  Fuck it, it’s a win.

SPINE SNAPPERS (3-3) V BASSTURDZ (2-4) – The brothers Malina squared off in this week 6 matchup and the Bassturdz held a serious advantage. Bye weeks forced the Spine Snappers to bench ALL of their starting RBs and a WR. Fortunately, Colston produced and kept the game respectable, but in the end, this one was over before it began. Rashard Mendenhall had a nice bounce back game for the Turdz and Stafford has been solid, 33 point average. The rest of the staff didn’t do much, but not a lot was needed. Again, fuck it, it’s a win.

FLABSLAB (2-4) V TIMID PUPPIES (2-4) – In a battle for the 2nd win of the season, the Pups and the Slab went to battle. Poor Arian Foster just isn’t the guy he was last year, and certainly not looking like the #1 overall pick that he was. Through six weeks, he’s missed two games and has scored 59 points total. That hurts. The one-two punch of Gore and Rice is a nice combo for the Slab and when Romo plays well, this team can put up points. Looks like Steven Jackson is back too, so this could be a heavy running team. The Pups need some players to start putting up double digits. When all but two players (one being the DST) score 9 or under, including a zero from a player that played the entire game, winning will not come easily.

It’s Friday, and I’m ready for a drink.



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