After what the Ravens did to the Steelers in Week 1, I like Pittsburgh to get a little nastier this week.

The beat goes on and the NFL never ceases to amaze. How in the hell does New Orleans get whipped by St. Louis? And let’s talk quickly about the AFC. This conference is wide open. If there are any Texans fans in the house, this is as good a year as any to get into the playoffs and do something. They get Andre Johnson back and if he’s on, it’s on. So, five more games in our regular season and we have a lot of teams fighting for the playoffs. Check the rules page for how this league breaks ties. The Constitution at the very bottom of the rules page will spell it out for you.

THE DODGER (6-2) V TEAM MEXICO (4-4) – The Dodger was overheard in the front office this week saying, “I am very very good at fantasy football” Scoreboard is the greatest indicator and right now things are clicking, i.e., winning with Andy Dalton and Jackie Battle. Very skillful. Team Mexico on the other hand is on a downer. Two games under 70 points is not a good trend.  Malcolm Floyd is a tough one, but in the end it wouldn’t have mattered. Production numbers are likely to increase for the Dodger and are required to increase for Team Mexico to stay in it.

THE GREENS (5-3) V BASSTURDZ (3-5) – Let me start off by congratulating Bassturdz GM, Stephen Malina on the birth of his daughter, Drew this past Wednesday. Welcome! In what has been a relatively up and down season, the Turdz put on their best performance of the year in handing the Greens only their 3rd loss., but 2nd in a row…ooooooo. Big Ben put up a big number and the Bengals DST really showed up. It wasn’t a bad game for the Greens as Fred Jackson continues to tear it up and the Bills DST, wow. It just wasn’t enough and for the first time all season, Brees was under 30 points. Difference maker.

CANUCKS (5-3) V EASY RIDERS (4-4) – Another top team on a two game skid is the Canucks. Vick was great, everyone else was pedestrian. Jimmy Graham finally had a bad game, but it didn’t help that everyone else did too. Lots of bye weeks. Eli Manning has three games with 40 or more points this year. This type of production is really necessary for the Easy Riders to stay in the hunt for a playoff position. Adrian Peterson had a great game and I think with Ponder in there as QB, he has a few more in him.

FLABSLAB (4-4) V SPINE SNAPPERS (4-4) – Another of the teams on a downer are the Spine Snappers. It all starts with the fact that Chris Johnson is a pussy and doesn’t run well anymore. But then he stays in the lineup because you can’t pay a guy that much money and bench him for a guy that actually runs hard. After starting off red hot, Tom Brady has really cooled off and hasn’t gone over 30 points since week 3. Not a good trend. FLABSLAB had the best output of any team in week 8 and beat the next highest scoring team by 25. That is because it turns out Cam Newton is a legit QB, Steven Jackson had his first good game and Ray Rice scored 3 TDs. And don’t forget about Frank Gore. FLABSLAB is ready to slap fools around.

TIMID PUPPIES (3-5) V CHINCH BUGS (2-6) – Someone had to win this one and it turned out to be the old Irish dock worker, Chinch Bugs. Main reason, LeSean McCoy. This guy just puts it on every freaking game. Only two games under 20 points and a TD in every game this year. Impressive. I think River Phillips has a gambling problem, why else would you fumble the ball on the KC 20 yard line with only seconds to go in regulation with a chance to win the game? They had the win, he threw the game. Wow. Schaub and Foster had a good game for the Pups, then there is a chasm of production from the rest of the guys. Not to mention toughest schedule in the league.

Let the festivities begin.


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