Look our for the 49ers, they’ve been hanging heavy in the NFC West

All right all right, geez, I can’t keep up with these freaking recaps with the short week. Sorry about missing last week’s recap. So what’s going on? We have a log jam for the last three spots as of week 10, but that will shake out on its own. Refresh yourself with the rules and tiebreakers by going to the rules page. Also, I am not sure how CBS defaults the standings, but it will ALL be accurate come playoff time, rest assured.


THE DODGER (8-2) V  FLABSLAB (5-5) —  When these two get together, there is usually some cool ones on the line and I’m guessing this was no different. The problem for the SLAB was two bagels in the starting lineup. Without those two zeros, he probably wins this game as it took a 42 point performance from Rodgers on MNF to get win number 8 for the Dodger. The Dodger is clocking in all cylinders now and is eyeballing the first round bye. Not sure how effective Andre will be upon his return, but we will certainly see.


THE GREENS (7-3) V CHINCH BUGS (3-7) – Just when the Chinch Bugs were getting their wheels under them and making a run, the Greens smoked ’em out and put a halt to the mini-run. Brees returned to form and solid performances from Reginald Bush, the Gronk and the rest of the crew put them up in the 130s, good for high scoring team of the week. Chinch Bugs are dangerous right now and with upcoming games against the Easy Riders and the Dodger, some spots could be jeopardized.


TEAM MEXICO (6-4) V BASSTURDZ (3-7) – Yes, they are 6-4 right now, but word out of the TM camp is that they are looking to shake it up a bit down the home stretch. More points will need to be scored, that is for sure. A waiver wire pick up of Michael Bush proved golden in week 10 and was the difference in the ball game honestly. Bassturdz season has been all but an exercise in futility as his players simply are not producing points on a consistent basis. DeAngelo Williams…bust, Sidney Rice…bust and such as and as such.


SPINE SNAPPERS (5-5) V CANUCKS (5-5) – Round two for this matchup and again the Snappers came out on top. The Canucks  were on a roll until they got hit hard by injuries and week 10 wasn’t any different. Mike Vick put up paltry numbers with cracked ribs. Packers D was pretty good on MNF though, but it wasn’t enough. Snappers finally got a game of Chris Johnson as he ran for 130 and a TD. That needs to be a trend that continues if they have any hope for making the playoffs.  


EASY RIDERS (5-5) V TIMID PUPPIES (3-7) – The Pups can’t buy a break. They score 100+, get 35 out of Foster and lose on MNF. Aaaaaaaaand now Schaub is out for the season. That is fucked. And so are the Texans by the way, Matt Leinart is an idiot. Looks like it’s Carson Palmer time. Easy Riders have been riding Eli all season and he has not disappointed. I keep thinking he’s going to start throwing tons of picks, but he’s managing. Although the Giants could have won that game without his two picks. Fitz had his best game of the year and Peterson should continue to shine as long as Ponder gets better every week.


Look out, the regular season is winding down!




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