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SUPER BOWL IS HERE!!!! Who farted?

December 18, 2012

The playoffs have been semi exciting thus far. Bassturdz made it in. Team Mexico made a solid run. The collapse of the Spine Snappers was more laughable than anything, in fact it was pretty pathetic. Awful season for the Snappers. Easy Riders had it all right there in front of them when the clavicle that kept Ryan Matthews out in the beginning of the season snapped and took him out of the post season. Tough break, no pun intended. Adrian Peterson was a real force along with Peyton Manning. Good run for the Easy Riders.

And it all comes down to this final game. I imagine the peacock strutting in the 6th Street office has got to be damn near unbearable. Voices rise, faces redden, you get the picture. Let’s look at the super bowl. The #3 seed Big Tex faces off with the #4 seed Timid Puppies. Both teams are playing very well right now and both have very solid QBs to anchor their teams. Quite honestly, this is about an even a match up as there is right now. I would say the QB match up favors the Puppies due to the match up, contrary to CBS’ belief and I’d say the DST is clearly in favor of Big Tex although the Seahawks are likely to score in the double digits if they can get to Kaepernick. I mean it’s REALLY even. This should be a good one. I give the edge to Big Tex because of the scoring output last week was strong to very strong.

And that about does it, best of luck to the final two teams standing.



Playoffs? The recap is like Bigfoot, elusive as fuck

December 12, 2012

Round one is in the books and the higher seeds advanced over the natural underdogs.

In the 3-6 matchup, both teams fared pretty well on some fronts and fairly poor on others. Bassturdz’ Larry Fitzgerald put up a stale bagel in a thrashing by Seattle and 4 of Big Tex’s possible 8 active players (not including DST) put up less than 5 points. Brees and Lynch were monstrous and this one was a very exciting matchup. Maybe a coaching move or two that the Turdz are regretting but, both teams put up a good fight. In the end, the 3 beat the 6. What does this all mean, who the fuck knows.

In the 4-5 matchup, the Timid Puppies were venturing into uncharted territory; the playoffs. Team Mexico, arguably one of the hotter teams going into the post season had his eyes crossed on the piñata, but things didn’t go so well. It really started with the Arizona Cardinals laying the largest of all eggs against a good but not great Seattle team. 58-0 in the NFL should never happen, but it did, so there were 47 points scored by Puppies DST…again uncharted waters. For Team Mexico, aside from Brady and Moreno, there were no performances worth mentioning, and that will usher you right out of the playoffs. The three-headed RB set of Martin, Morris and Charles, Attorneys at Law is formidable.

So let’s set the table for the next round of games.

In the 1-4 matchup, the Easy riders have been easily riding Manning and Peterson of late as both have been crushing it on the field. The matchups in this game are fairly even, as Rodgers matches up nicely with Manning as does Morris to Matthews. Peterson is head and shoulders above all RBs so there’s a mismatch there. And Megatron is capable of busting a big game off here and there, but has not had a monster game yet. Very consistent as of late though. As matchups go, this one is quite tight. Puppies are solid from top to bottom, with their main weakness coming at…well, looks pretty strong. It will be a battle of who DOESN’T have a bad game this late in the season. Easy Rider with the edge since they have won 6 in a row.

In the 2-3 matchup, this one looks like a disaster waiting to happen for the Spine Snappers. The bye could not have come at a better time. Even if they had tried to set a lineup, they would have been lucky to break 100, which will not get it done. So there’s not much to say about this team that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan, they are bombed out and depleted. Big Tex on the other hand will be priming the fuel pump for a State Fair style victory burn if Lynch and Brees can come through like that again. And the player matchups on BT look favorable for the most part, save for SF v NE (Crabtree and Gore). Best way to describe the Snappers…low end fantasy option. Big Tex with the edge.

And there you have boys, apologies for not having enough time to blog through the season.

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Good luck.