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November 23, 2011

The doc said I may be out for 6 to 8 weeks, which gives Cutty more time for the 6 to 9.

Short week, quick turnaround for the NFL and fantasy footballers out there. Get your lineups set, I don’t want to hear about how you had your hand up a turkey’s ass and couldn’t get a player into the starting lineup. Week 11 down and only two more games until the playoffs start.

THE DODGER (8-3) V SPINE SNAPPERS (6-5) – The Snappers and The Dodger squared off for the second time this season and for the second time, the Snappers got the W, so of the 3 TOTAL losses this year for the league leader, two came by way of the Snap. Interesting fact. It all came down to MNF as the Dodger held a fifteen point lead courtesy of Aaron Rodgers and co, but Tom Brady threw up just enough points to get the Snappers the much needed win, playoff implications are huge here! Dodger gets Andre Johnson back this upcoming week, look out.

THE GREENS (8-3) V TIMID PUPPIES (3-8) – The Greens are throttling these days, lots of output coming  from this group. The Gronk has been the star of the show IMO; that’s three games in a row over 20 points for the porn star nailing tight end, ohhhhh K! Timid Puppies are what you could characterize as a “snake bit” team, just can’t seem to get anything going. Bench Mike Williams, he goes for 14, start Eric Decker, he farts out a bagel. Bench Jerome Simpson and he goes for 19, this shit doesn’t end. Greens are now jockeying for the top spot with the Dodger.

TEAM MEXICO (7-4) V CANUCKS (5-6) – You keep stirring the pot, the beans get softer. But someone added salt early, so these beans are getting tougher. Team Mexico just keeps winning. After hitting .500, they have ripped off three straight wins, which is huge right now. Care needs to be taken down the stretch to avoid coaching errors though, like starting a player on a bye week. Canucks were yet AGAIN hit with an injury at an unfortunate time. Matthew Hasselbeck got hurt and that just killed it for the Canucks. Anyone see LaGarrette Blount’s TD run? Holy shit.

FLABSLAB (6-5) V BASSTURDZ (3-8) – When FLABSLAB woke up and checked the standings, he let out a shriek only matched by the likes of Justin Bieber fans and Richard Simmons. He was, alas, ranked in the position ahead of the other 6-5 teams, which has been a real sore spot for him of late. Tony Romo, Ray Rice, Torrey Smith…need I say more? Those three combined for 92, the Bassturdz total output. Turdz got 54 of 92 out of Matthew Stafford and yet another bagel from James Jones, ouch. The liga luche bass mask and the finger was given to the guys on this squad who can’t produce.

EASY RIDERS (5-6) V CHINCH BUGS (4-7) – Chinch Bugs are making life tough on many squads as they try and creep into the playoffs at the sixth spot. These final two weeks will be interesting indeed. Two zeroes from Manningham and Marshall should have derailed the Chinch Bugs, but the injury to Adrian Peterson kept the Easy Riders in check as well as Greg Jennings’ worst performance of the season. Easy Riders need wins to stay in the playoff hunt. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out because ER has been trading wins for losses as of late. Will a W be on the slate this week?

Stay tuned boyzz, Happy Thanksgiving.